The Power of Music

If you are Songs of Solomon fan, then you probably like the mood and momentum of good classical music in your life. The good news is that you have the power to summon a healing shift just by listening to beautiful music.

Many people claim that classical music leads to a deep state of meditation and can even influence brain waves. Although there is no definite proof against this claim, many physicians will attest to the power of music to heal.

Keep in mind, music is words expressed and their non-verbal meanings cannot be translated with the same degree of accuracy as literal text. Nevertheless, music can open the door to a transcendent experience and provoke potential healing at the core of the spirit.

Songs have particular significance in our lives. Their repetitive vibrations have an immediate impact on the mind and body, which can paradoxically increase our capacity to heal. It has been said that music can even make the impossible become possible.

There are seven aspects or types of music for you to choose from:

1)solos- the most common type of music for healing is classical music, even when the arrangement is discordance such as in a couple of keys. Other less common choices include stuffings, which are worldwide music that does not share a particular language or melodies, but rather has a particular, repetitive vibration that you can feel within yourself. This non-localised healing experience may occur in combination with (among others) four other types of music:

2)harmonics- combined repetition of certain rhythmic or vocal patterns, such as the 12 and 16 bar lines, provide a particular form of healing joy. This is known as polyrhythms.

3)trills- the motion of the bow of the instrument causes the sound to travel towards and around the listener, healing both the musician and the listener simultaneously. Thus the inner voice and its healing influence may become apparent to the one and the same listener, both as an effectual mystical experience and as a psycho-spiritual experience.

4)entrainment- the vibration of the hours of the day, of events within a day, and of the places in space to which we attend to have a particular effect upon the mind and the body. The entrainment of the body by raising its vibration to a particular frequency provides the needed healing impulse.

5)tonal beats- the melodic component of our voice, determined by the structure of its fundamental frequency, lifts the spirit and mind to a higher level of vibration. This special form of healing is known as tonal healing and is traditionally regarded as an important heresy.

6)entrainment (immediate restrain or insomnia)

These six ways of harmonic healing partake of the ancient knowledge of voice and its powerful healing wakening. These ancient traditions are being revived in modern times as we encounter a world shortage in the area of healing crops and music is a crucial area of growth for medicine in the modern world.

Want to go deeper?

  • The direction of the voice: this voice represents our general feelings and emotions, it all of the emotional angst, and gets our message across to the outer part of our brain i.e our subconscious,
  • The direction of the voice: this voice represents our should energy, our core belief about what life is all about, and what we truly value, the subconscious is made to reflect these
  • toreamputena: the soft tone of our voice is the feminine voice and the voice of the masculine spirit down- how we communicate with ourselves
  • Strength of the voice: this voice represents our ability to communicate our opinion, this voice gives our opinion a form and it becomes our declaration of ownership eg “I am right”, “I am always right”, and “I am absolute”
  • Voice of the heart: this voice is the giver of basic instructions to the mind, and it is the voice that guides us to choose the path to our goal and God’s will
  • Love of the voice: this voice is beyond the emotions, and it doesn’t worry about contradiction, it’s impervious to the ego’s desires to divide and conquer. It implies that there is always a loving and sacred tone
  • The mind of the voice: this voice guides us to learn the sacred patterns of our body asleep and to create our body aware of these so that we can align our conscious and unconscious messages in the same manner eg “I am aware of my left brain mate”
  • The intelligence of the voice- the voices evolve as our spirit reunites with our soul, it communicates with us across time and space eg we become more influential in our own lives eg we reach a higher level of consciousness with relationships to others.